Pilot Registry info
Title : Spherical powder Ti6Al4V EIGA: TLS, DE, Saxony
Acronym : NANOTUN3D TLS Line for the production of nanomodified Ti64 powders by EIGA
Legal Info
Title : Tls Technik Gmbh & Co. Spezialpulver Kg
PIC Code : 998797070
Type of Organization : SME - Small and Medium Enterprises
Description : The company TLS Technik GmbH & Co. Spezialpulver KG was established in 1994. Since 1996 TLS produces special metal powders. Today TLS has 8 employees. Three inert gas atomizer for different alloys are in operation.\\
We use a special crucible free melting process to avoid ceramic impurities in the powder. This method is also suitable for melting reactive metals like titanium or zirconium. Our powders are used in surface technology, metal injection moulding, and other applications.
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