Pilot Registry info
Title : TI6Al4V additive manufactured by EBM: AIMME, ES, Valencian Community
Acronym : NANOTUN3D AIMME Line for processing nanomodified Ti64 by EBM
Legal Info
Title : Asociacion De Investigacion De Las Industrias Metalmecanicas, Afines Y Conexas
PIC Code : 997718915
Type of Organization : REC - Research Organisations
Description : The Metal-Processing Technology,Wood, Furniture and Packaging Institute, AIDIMME, is a nationally based, private non-profit making association whose aim is to foster improvement in the competitiveness of companies in the metal processing sector through R & D both in their processes and their products.
AIDIMME has a lot experience in regional, national and European projects. Since 2002, AIDIMME has been involved in 45 projects about ALM that allow increasing the knowledge in these new manufacturing technologies. Furthermore, AIDIMME has participated in 25 EU projects in different areas like manufacturing process, environmental issues and ALM applications.
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