Pilot Registry info
Title : Spark Plasma Sintering of Silicides
Acronym : Spark Plasma Sintering of Silicides
Operation Starting Date : 2018-01-01
Legal Info
Title : Hotblock Onboard
PIC Code : 945197683
Type of Organization : SME - Small and Medium Enterprises
Description : Hotblock Onboard is a French SME founded in January 2012, to develop and commercialize thermoelectric Energy and Sensing Systems with priority directed to the transportation sector including automotive and marine industries. \\
The Company is a spin-off from the LITEN laboratory of the French CEA and has a permanent staff of 6 people. Hotblock Onboard is putting in place the supply chain for volume manufacturing of environmentally-friendly thermoelectric materials, covering raw material procurement, fabrication of thermoelectric elements and their assembly into exploitable modules.
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