Pilot Registry info
Title : Whey protein lamination line
Acronym : Whey protein lamination line
Legal Info
Title : Lajovic Tuba Embalaza Doo
PIC Code : 998464166
Type of Organization : LE - Large Enterprise
Description : TUBAhas a long tradition in the packaging processing industry. In 1925 Mr. Emil Lajovic established the company producing lead tubes, tin tubes and bakelite caps, as well as raw materials for moulding ingots and slugs. Through this period the packaging programme was introduced and developed and the entire technology and machinery was changed and adopted to the market needs. As being an important member of the Impact International Group, TUBA can gain significant synergies in development of environmentally friendly laminate and plastic packaging materials. They have also developed their own in-house maintenance activity and tool production and their tooling department is well equipped and meets their production needs. Given that the packaging market constantly requires new models and designs, TUBA has created their own graphic design studio, thus enabling them to respond quickly to market demands. TUBA has its own Internal Research & Development organisation, which is also registered at Slovenian Research Agency. TUBA also has experiences in usage of functional pilot line for coating and drying polymer substrates. Pilot line is also located at TUBA’s premises.
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