Pilot Registry info
Title : Film extrusion
Acronym : FLEXPOL Pilot Line: Film extrusion
Legal Info
Title : Propagroup Spa
PIC Code : 944219244
Type of Organization : PRC - Private Profit Sector
Description : Propagroup was one of the first companies to be certified to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for design and production of materials, devices and accessories for protection of goods to prevent damages during transport and storage.

Propagroup is a company specialized in design, production and distribution of packing products and systems and it has been working in the market for fifty years.
Propagroup started off business in the distribution of traditional packing products and has continued to evolve since then. Treasuring the experience built up in this field, Propagroup has continued specializing in the field of safety packing, which is suitable for protection of every kind of product under the severest transport and storage conditions.
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