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Event title SAFETY ASPECTS IN PILOT LINES an EPPN-NSC i2L joint session

The workshop will allow bringing together all nano-safety relevant experts from pilot line/production
projects, hence, real-life and application-oriented nanosafety and Safe-by-Design expertise. The workshop
is aiming at helping pilot projects in order to assess and tackle safety issues throughout harmonization of
the approaches and promotion of available tools. To reach that goal, the following topics will be presented:
· EPPN mini survey on processes and materials used in pilot lines along with relevant exposure
· Selected tools and methods that are available to conduct safety assessment and implement risk
minimization measures in workplaces
· Critical review on conducted case studies from recently ended and ongoing H2020 projects
This interactive session will promote discussion between EPPN and NSC in order to adress the needs
from pilot projects with nanosafety expertise. The discussion should also lead to potential future
cooperation between projects for the development of cross case studies and to joint dissemination of
projects results

Location 6th International Conference NanoSAFE 2018, Grenoble, France

From 2018/11/07

To 2018/11/07

Amro Satti ‎times ago public

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Welcome to the group. if you are a pilot line ower or user please share your views on the safety aspects you think are necessary to address.
Soon there will be a survey to all pilot lines to assess safety approaches being implemented.

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