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Network Title : Nano H2020 Network EPPN Network

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Type of Organization : HES - Higher Education and Universities

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The new generation of nanoporous organic and hybrid aerogels for industrial applications: from laboratory to pilot scale production.
Coordinator of project NanoHybrids


[email protected] +49 40 428 78 0

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The NanoHybrids team is presenting their pilot line products at the POWTECH on 9 - 11 April 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany (

Visit us at stand 3-408.
Aerogels belong to the lightest solids. Their high nanoporosity, their high adsorption capacity offer unique opportunities to improve thermal insulation products, humodity and gas adsorption, drug delivery etc.

For the first time, aerogel beads have been produced in pilot scale during the project.

To wed your appetite have a look at our online profile:

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Type Paper

Title Non-Conventional Methods for Gelation of Alginate (

This review presents and critically evaluates recent advances in non-conventional gelation method of native alginate. A special focus is given to the following three methods: cryotropic gelation, non-solvent induced phase separation and carbon dioxide induced gelation. A few other gelation approaches are also briefly reviewed. Results are discussed in the context of subsequent freeze and supercritical drying. The methods are selected so as to provide the readers with a range of novel tools and tactics of pore engineering for alginate and other anionic polysaccharides.

DOI: 10.3390/gels4010014

Publish date 2018/02/01

AuthorsPavel Gurikov, Irina Smirnova

Technische Universitaet Hamburg-harburg ‎times ago public

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